Full CV:

Roger Ingraham is an award-winning director, producer, editor, DP / cinematographer. He is the youngest feature filmmaker in Sundance film festival history | 2006. He has 16+ years of experience, 5 feature films, myriad shorts and commercial work. His online series has garnered 1million+ views.

His commercial work features a wide range of clients from health & wellness brands to cross-platform media companies like New Balloon, which executive produced Beasts of No Nation and Last Days in the Desert.

His current themes reveal ever-newly-appreciated ways to navigate the wilderness of truth & meaning, excavations of darkness, love, awakening, and culture.

Official Selections to Festivals & Awards: 

  • Oldenburg International Film Festival (2019)

  • Psychedelic & Transpersonal Film Festival (2019)

  • Illuminate Film Festival (2018)

  • Cucalorus Film Festival (2017)

  • Best Director - Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival (2016)

  • Best film - Film Gate series (2017)

  • Byron Bay International Film Festival (2013)

  • Sundance Film Festival (2006)