Roger Ingraham is an award-winning director & editor with a filmography of 1 dramatic feature debut, several documentary works, and an online channel. His work has premiered at leading festivals including Sundance Film festival. His commercial work features a wide variety of approaches for clients including narrative short films and mini-documentaries.

His current themes reveal ever-newly-appreciated ways to navigate the wilderness of mystery, meaning, expressions of infinity, excavations of darkness, love, waking, truth, and culture.

At the age of 21, his first feature Moonshine (“A real-life vampire story”) premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, making him the youngest feature filmmaker in the festival’s history. He subsequently worked in the genre of documentary: a collaborative documentary As the Dust Settles (2013), an upcoming release "The Calling" shot with indigenous Sangomas in South Africa, and several projects for non-profit organizations. A new stage of his work began in 2015 when he directed and produced an online short film series with over 1 million views, “The Ring Channel” featuring poetry-in-motion shorts and revelations of inner excavation.